Scholarship for Diabetics

Scholarships for diabetics – Diabetes is a chronic ailment of the body wherein there is an abnormal increase of blood sugar level. This is a continual condition and a diabetic patient has to be extremely careful about his health and should be on proper medications to keep the blood-glucose level in normal. Diabetic mothers are at great stress with having to take care of their health in the best way and also tending to the needs of their families. But, even for such mothers there is help around, college grants for type1 diabetic single mothers are widely available now, providing that extra help and care to these special mothers who really want to restart their education.

The Diabetes Scholars Foundation Scholarship Program plays a profound role in this area, as it clearly identifies the distress diabetic mothers’ face. This scholarship aims for the year 2010-2011, to provide awards to at least 15 students with $5000 who are U.S citizens and are actively involved in the activities of the diabetes community. The mothers should also have a record of keeping their diabetes in check.

Non-profit organizations and different other foundations are working hard to spread public awareness about diabetes and also helping out the people who have already been diagnosed with the same. Some of these foundations spread awareness by offering scholarships for the diabetics. One of such programs has been started by the Austin Community Foundation called the Aimee Melissa David Memorial Scholarship Fund, which provides scholarship to one high-school student every year who is suffering from type1 diabetes. The Diabetes Hope Foundation is a non-profit organization working exclusively towards this cause and provides various scholarships every year for both type1 and type2 diabetic patients. The Arizona State University (ASU) provides the Julie Sargent Memorial Scholarship which grants scholarships for diabetic students who are also residents of Arizona.

The Writing Center Fellowship at Coe College provides scholarship program for the diabetic patients and grants $1000 for the eligible students. Another scholarship is the Alliance for Young Writers and Artists available to students of Lake Forest College.

Various other women-oriented institutions are helping the needy and the diabetic single mothers. Raise the nation, eLearners, Project Working Mom, are important foundations organizing scholarships for this pious cause. The ‘Moms return to school’ program also works for the development of single mothers and are providing a huge number of scholarships for the same purpose.

Diabetes is a serious condition and the patient has to take really good care of oneself. But even then, their needs for education cannot be ignored. College grants for type1 diabetic mothers serve this purpose of providing education to this special category of people


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