Foods Diabetics Should Avoid

Foods diabetics should avoid – When we or our loved ones were diagnosed with diabetes or even pre-diabetics the most important instruction which we/they all have to listen from our dietitians was to lower down the intake of carbohydrates. But the doctor only took the name of carbohydrate. Obviously he did not have time to give the detail of carbohydrate rich food.

I, respecting your time value, am not going to put you into the details of what are complex and simple. Simply, after a very brief review I am going to list here the foods rich in carbohydrate so that you could be your own diet expert. After going through the following list you can very easily plan your own diet. The diet which allows maximum control on your glucose levels. Surprisingly this control from now onwards will be in your own hands.

First of all what are Carbohydrates? They are an essential source of energy. These are classified as

Dietary fibers
A reasonable ingestion of complex carbohydrate offers a number of advantages to the health of a diabetic patient. It is always advised that a healthy diet should contain a moderate amount of the three kinds s. It rather should contain a huge portion of proteins. The carbohydrates which are not in a refined shape are more beneficial for a diabetic patient.

Cereals To Avoid

-White bread
-Whole wheat bread
-White rice

Fruits To Avoid


Root Vegetables To Avoid

-Sweet potato

Other Food Items To Avoid

-Table Sugar
-Dairy Products
-Chocolate Milk

A diabetic should try to select the least amount of carbohydrates rich foods from the list which I have mentioned.


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