Diabetic Myopathy

Diabetic Myopathy – Pre-diabetes is a condition that is increasingly coming under the radar. A lot of people are either born with diabetes (Type 1) or develop it during their lifetime (Type 2) because of genetics or lifestyle issues. Whatever the reason, being a diabetic leads to a lot of complications. It can lead to heart diseases and strokes. Because of such adverse effects, the stage prior to it, called the pre-diabetic stage, is increasingly being diagnosed and treated.

What is pre-diabetes?

As the name suggests, pre-diabetes is the condition prior to diabetes when the blood sugar level has increased significantly more than normal, but has not risen high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes. According to the scale used for testing diabetes, the blood sugar level being in between 100 mg/dL and 126 mg/dL is the condition of being pre-diabetic. It does not carry the complication of diabetes, but it does anticipate diabetes more closely.

Can diabetes be prevented at all?

Having to diagnose and treat the pre-diabetic condition obviously implies the severity of the condition. Although being born with diabetes or having genetic factors to aid the development of diabetes cannot be prevented, there are still some lifestyle measures that one can adopt to prevent or cure diabetes.

What is Outdoor Group Personal Training?

Outdoor Group Personal Training is like group therapy, only it is used generally to solve physiological problems than mental. One of the biggest motivations for exercise is to have a partner to exercise with. Exercising in a group with people having more or less the same health problems and being of nearly the same age can help a patient deal with diabetes or pre-diabetes much better.

Why exercise?

Diabetes generally develops because of diet problems and fitness issues. More calories are consumed than burned, resulting in accumulation of more sugar in the blood. Therefore, with the intake of adequate sugar and the burning of adequate calories, diabetes can be controlled or even prevented. Human beings weren’t made to pound away at a computer all day long in an air-conditioned room. They were meant to sweat their limbs out in the fresh air and sun. Even if we can’t live an Edenic dream, we can still try to get some fresh air and stretch our limbs even for a little while.

What else can I do to prevent being pre-diabetic?

Diabetes usually calls for all stops on the consumption of sugary foods. While this includes cereals like rice and bread as well, there can be some dietary changes made to prevent diabetes. Instead of consuming cakes, pastries, muffins and waffles on a daily basis, try to make them treats for special occasions. Try to include more fruits and vegetables in your diet to get natural, healthy levels of glucose. Even if you have a sweet truth, try to control your cravings according to the style of moderation. Reward yourself a piece of chocolate cake after a week of exercising everyday. Just by these small but significant changes, you can delay or prevent the onset of diabetes.


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