Artificial Knee Replacement Procedure

Artificial knee replacement surgery is a difficult topic for many people to discuss. If you have chronic knee pain, perhaps you hide it because you fear going under the knife. Truly, advances in medical procedures have come so far from where they were in the past, especially in recent years. Great changes have been made to benefit you as the patient undergoing surgery. Having a knee replacement Otis Knee surgery is one of the smartest decisions you can make with regards to your pending operation. The special replacement system is so advanced it has been named the single greatest achievement in knee replacement for more than a decade!

Having a knee replacement operation with Otis Knee begins with the use of custom cutting equipment prior to surgery based on MRI images of the knee. Every person is different and likewise every knee is different. This technology allows the surgeon to make very precise cuts in the bone specific to you. It ensures a number of things go smoothly including that the artificial knee to be implanted is of the proper size for the anatomy of the patient. The Otis Knee system promises to deliver quicker, less painful recovery time, wider range of knee joint motion and the ability to resume everyday activities sooner. This is possible because the procedure can be much less invasive with Otis Knee.

Other methods still being used by some area hospitals only focus on the gender of the patient. Artificial knees must be placed under greater scrutiny than simply the gender of the patient for the greatest healing success. With knee replacement Otis Knee, each knee is custom-fit with the perfect artificial replacement. Therefore, the recovery times are faster and greater mobility can be achieved. Most knee replacements keep the patient off their feet for six to eight weeks, but with Otis Knee, patients have been documented as only needing the aid of a cane a mere week following the surgery!

Hopefully, the aspects of this amazing new technology of knee replacements puts your mind a bit more at ease concerning an upcoming operation you may have. Combining the great benefits of knee replacement Otis Knee with the right recovery techniques, you will be back on your feet and living pain free in no time! It’s up to you, the patient, to learn what post-operation methods you should utilize to regain mobility and get out of that wheelchair and back on your feet faster than ever!

There have been great advances in medical technology, but a successful outcome is determined by the patient’s attitude and willingness to do the necessary therapy. It is up to the patient to find and follow an exercise program that has already shown proven results. Equally important is finding a trainer or mentor who has a positive attitude toward recovery from knee surgery and who can teach anyone the same mindset. Believing it can be done and working with someone who has already achieved the desired results is the key to returning to normal activities and remaining free from pain.


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